Guidelines for Internal Grievance Handling to Strengthen Labour Rights in Armenia

A presentation and discussion on alternative mechanisms for individual grievance handling procedures were held at the UN House Armenia. The application of the procedures will help to strengthen labour rights and promote a fair and transparent work environment.

News | 06 December 2023
"Guidelines for Internal Grievance Handling" is a collaborative effort initiated by the International Labour Organization's (ILO) "Promoting Implementation of Labour Rights in Armenia Together" project. The guidelines were developed by ILO's external collaborator, associate professor and lawyer Ara Yeremyan.

"The guidelines, designed to be piloted initially in the mining and health sectors, offer a comprehensive framework for addressing individual grievances at various workplaces. They are versatile enough to be adapted for use in other service sectors, catering to diverse industries' specific needs and requirements", noted Nver Sargsyan, ILO Project Coordinator.

"Alternative mechanisms for managing individual grievance help to maintain the relationship between employer and employee. These mechanisms are time-saving, cost saving, ensuring a healthy working environment, productivity increase," noted Gagik Makaryan, Chairman of the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia.

"Trade unions welcome the proposed mechanism for discussing individual labour complaints or disputes in the workplace. The practical application of such a mechanism can become a platform for real social partnership and dialogue. We urge employers to join the programme, introduce the mechanism, thus changing the working environment and culture," noted Tiruhi Nazaretyan, Deputy President of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia.

During the event, two healthcare organizations requested that individual grievance handling mechanisms be piloted at their entities.

"Promoting Implementation of Labour Rights in Armenia Together" Project is implemented by the ILO and financed by the US Department of Labour (USDOL). The project's main objective is to strengthen compliance with labour laws and improve access to judicial and non-judicial remedies in Armenia.