Gender equality

ILO constituents to address root causes of gender inequality and discrimination in Uzbekistan

Proposals call for measures to ensure decent work opportunities and social protection for women and men, including the groups in situations of vulnerability.

Press release | 23 May 2023
TASHKENT (ILO News) – Government, workers’ and employers’ representatives have agreed proposals to advance gender equality in Uzbekistan.

The proposals, which address the root causes of inequalities and discrimination, were adopted at the conclusion of a conference in Tashkent, ‘Pathways to gender equality and decent work in Uzbekistan.’

The outcome document, also agreed by international experts and representatives of the diplomatic corps, stresses the need to adopt policies to protect vulnerable women and men, ensure access to decent employment opportunities and social protection, and to address multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination.

It outlines the need for inclusive macroeconomic policies that promote the transition from the informal to the formal economy and calls for the ratification of ILO Conventions 183 on maternity protection and Convention 102 on social security.  The document also recognizes the importance of a culture change in society to ensure gender equality and non-discrimination.

In 2018, more than two-thirds of women’s total work time in Uzbekistan was spent on unpaid care and domestic work, compared to less than one-third of time spent by men. The gender gap in unemployment rates has widened significantly since 2018, with the women’s unemployment rate almost double that of men in 2021.

In recent years, Uzbekistan has made progress towards achieving equal rights and opportunities for women and men and has initiated measures to address inequalities in the labour market. However, gaps persist.
"Uzbekistan's story is a shining example of the progress that can be achieved with political will and commitment to gender equality at the highest level," said Chidi King, Head of the ILO Gender, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Division.  She emphasized that the ILO would continue to assist Uzbekistan in addressing the remaining challenges in this area.

“There is still much that remains to be done to ensure the labour, social and other existing rights of women”, said Tanzila Narbayeva, Chair of the Senate of the Uzbekistan Parliament and Head of the government’s gender equality commission.

Ms Tanzila Narbayeva comments on the results of conference on Pathways to Gender Equality and Decent Work in Uzbekistan