Know About Business

What is KAB?

Know about business means to understand the role of business in the society, its contribution to the wealth of nations and its social responsibility.

KAB is a training programme for trainers and teachers in vocational education, secondary education and also higher education designed for a 80 - 120 hours course for young students between 15 to 18 years.


KAB’s general objective is to contribute towards the creation of an enterprise culture in a country or society, by promoting awareness among young people of the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship and self-employment, and of their role in shaping their future and that of their country's economic and social development.

The specific objectives of the KAB package are to:
  • Develop positive attitudes towards enterprises and self-employment among the population, by targeting youth but also stakeholders for enterprise development.
  • Create awareness of enterprises and self-employment as a career option for young people in secondary and vocational education.
  • Provide knowledge and practice of the desirable attributes for and challenges in starting and operating a successful enterprise.
  • Facilitate the school-work transition as a result of a better understanding of functions and operations of enterprises.

Target group and beneficiaries

The KAB package is directed towards teachers and instructors in public and private vocational and technical training institutions and general secondary education. It can also be used for higher technical education and for professionals involved in enterprise promotion.
The Beneficiaries of KAB training are students in secondary education and trainees/students in vocational and technical training institutions whose learning curricula does not include these components. The typical age group would be 15 to 18 years. However, it can be adapted for tertiary education and non-formal education and training as well.

Expected outcome

Young people educated with KAB will have a positive approach to entrepreneurship and will be more inclined to create their own business. In a long run entrepreneurship education like KAB will change attitudes in the society toward a positive enterprise culture.

Where has it been implemented?

KAB is part of the national curriculum for vocational training in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. It is under introduction and pilot testing in more then 20 countries in Central Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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