Training on Fostering the Social and Professional Reintegration of Return Migrants

An ILO training course providing advanced knowledge with which to foster the contribution to development of return migrants, and offering ground-breaking information about their patterns of social and professional reintegration.

This course will provide advanced knowledge to better understand social and professional reintegration of return labour migrants. Participants will share and examine innovative and comparative data on returnees’ conditions, study mechanisms sustaining the reintegration of returnees, and use analytical tools and instruments allowing policies to be adopted with a view to supporting returning migrants’ reintegration.

The objectives of the training course are the following :
  • Addressing the social and professional reintegration as well as their realities;
  • Gathering innovative and comparative data on returnees’ conditions back home, with reference to field; surveys carried out in various countries of return;
  • Combining a top-down with a bottom-up approach to return migration and reintegration;
  • Raising awareness of the need to develop adequate; mechanisms sustaining the reintegration of returnees while redefining current policy priorities as applied to return.