Forced labour

The Alignment of Indonesian laws, policies, and their enforcement with the ILO international labour standards on forced labour: A situation and gap analysis

This gap analysis documents the extent to which the requirements of PO29 are represented in the Government of Indonesia’s existing laws, norms and practices, with special reference to Indonesia’s catch fisheries sector and local fishers, who are one of the groups identified to be at risk of forced labour in Indonesia.

Through a case study of the fisheries sector, this situation and gap analysis aims to identify conformities and gaps in Indonesia’s existing laws, policies and programmes, along with their enforcement mechanisms, with PO29 and its accompanying recommendation. The analysis seeks to determine the extent to which Indonesia’s current legal and regulatory mechanisms provide a foundation for eliminating forced labour. In addition, it assesses the extent to which ratification of PO29 would support, strengthen or supplement Indonesia’s current regulatory mechanisms.