SEA Fisheries Project (Strengthened Coordination to Combat Trafficking in Fisheries in South East Asia)

The Project aims to reduce human trafficking in the fishing sector by strengthening coordination and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of existing national and regional level anti-trafficking efforts in South East Asia. A regional coordination body will be established to support collaborative approaches, develop and implement joint strategies, and share information.


The SEA Fisheries Project will develop the specific mandate, composition and function of a regional coordinating body for the fishing sector and incubate its establishment. This entity will be broad-based and include various government departments (working in the areas of fishing, labour migration, and trafficking in persons), civil society organizations, workers' groups, industry associations, buyer groups, international organizations and research institutions. Scoping studies into the activities of key stakeholders will shape the design and implementation of action plans.

Links will be made with national task forces and ASEAN frameworks on migration, trafficking in persons and fisheries.

Project Objectives

  1. Regional body established and existing national bodies in Indonesia and Thailand supported to improve coordination in combating trafficking in persons in the fisheries sector.
  2. Coordinated strategies and action plans adopted to enhance the complementarity and efficiency of the various initiatives ongoing to combat trafficking in persons in the fisheries sector.
  3. Independent research and analysis is undertaken to underpin the development of strategies and action plans, fill knowledge gaps, and measure progress; and communication of good practices and experiences enhanced.