Coordination Meeting for Developing Skills Priority and Strategy in the Electronics Sector using the ILO's STED Methodology

The meeting aims to identify skills initiatives that ILO could assist to implement and support the piloting of sector level skills governance arrangements in the electronics sector.

Introduction to Skills for Trade and Economic Diversification (STED)

The ILO Skills for Trade and Economic Diversification, or STED, is a sector level methodology that assists in the formation of skills development policies that help countries become more competitive in the context of open markets and building or maintaining a sound and diversified economic structure. Applying the diagnostic part of the STED methodology typically involves a combination of research, policy analysis, social dialogue and collaboration between stakeholders, and policy formation. The research component involves both desk review and collection of relevant data, as well as consultations with national and sectoral stakeholders.

The outcome of the STED diagnostic process is a sector skills strategy with concrete recommendations at the policy, institutional, and enterprises level. The process involved in designing those recommendations contributes to raising awareness and stimulating dialogue on skills development among key stakeholders within a sector. The main objectives include enhancing exports and economic diversification, enabling more and better jobs, and helping policy makers to ensure that firms find workers with the right skills and workers acquire the skills needed to find productive employment.

Application of STED for the Indonesian Electronic Sector

The application of the STED diagnostic in the Indonesian electronic sector will follow the Rapid STED methodology . This will be led by the ILO, in collaboration with CMHDC (including Ministry of Industry if possible). ILO will continue collaborating with LPEM FEB UI to deliver outputs throughout the two phases described below by amending their current contract as they have been working on STED diagnostic phase through Rapid Skill Assessment in the electronics sector started in October 2023. These inputs will be coordinated by the ILO.