International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Heroes among Us: Celebrating Differences in Ability and Expression

Globally, people with disability, excelling in various fields from art and culture to technology and sports, often have their potential underestimated by the broader society. This exhibition will help dismantle preconceptions by revealing the profound abilities of artists with disabilities.


The United Nations in Indonesia is responsible for bridging the global voice into Indonesian society and bringing the good stories from Indonesia to the global society. Bumi Langit, an entertainment company, owns the largest collection of superhero intellectual property rights in Asia, boasting more than 1200 characters and their related stories, featured in popular comics published over 70 years in Indonesia. Their mission includes bringing Indonesian superhero folklores to life and showcasing them to the world, particularly targeting the youth.

This year, Bumi Langit initiated their marketing campaign, Patriot Adalah Kita (We are Patriots), which emphasizes empowerment, woman empowerment and inclusivity. They aim to highlight the spirit of heroism among ordinary people. Similarly, empowerment and inclusivity underpin the UN's principle "Leave No One Behind" in the SDG goals.

Disability inclusion, appear, as the intersection where the UN and Bumi Langit campaigns materialize. Empowering individuals with disabilities including woman with disabilities, and advancing societal inclusivity is a mission that can be jointly shared between the two entities. The collaboration campaign will commence with a platform of hope for disabled individuals to be empowered and included.


  • To foster empowerment and inclusivity, highlighting artist with disabilities and showcasing their potential and talents to society.
  • To highlight the meld the narrative of Bumi Langit’s superheroes with stories of everyday heroes, especially focusing on those from the community with disabilities
  • To provide a platform for artists with disabilities and innovators to display their work and share their stories with a wider audience.
  • To promote the values and missions of both the UN and Bumi Langit, ensuring synergy in the campaigns that propagate messages of hope, empowerment, and inclusivity.