Seminar on Indonesia - Australia Cooperation in Online ICT Education

The proposed webinar will explore partnerships among Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions in Australia, Indonesian polytechnics and companies and identify viable ICT-aided skills development models that are suitable to Indonesia.

Access to education and skills development is a fundamental human right and an indispensable prerequisite for Decent Work. While education and skills development have been improving in Indonesia, regional disparities in the access to and the quality of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) still remain a challenge. In fact, Indonesia’s geography, the world largest archipelago, militates against the cost-effective and equitable delivery of TVET in rural and remote areas. While the Java is relatively densely populated, the access to quality training in rural areas is still limited; let alone outside the Java.

Today’s technologies provide a viable answer to the geographical disparities in skills development opportunities. Digital/distance learning reduces the cost of TVET in rural areas and assures the same quality learning experiences in both urban and rural areas. The ILO, in cooperation with Ministry of Development Planning, Republic of Indonesia (Bappenas) and the Embassy of Australia in Jakarta, organized a policy dialogue session on the promotion of e-learning in December 2019 and generated policy recommendations.

In addition to urban-rural divide in TVET, today’s COVID-19 pandemic has posed significant challenges in skills development. The so-called “New Normal” would require TVET institutions to adopt innovative approaches so they can continue fulfilling their missions of skilling the next generations. While the public health crisis prompted an abrupt shift of TVET to the cyberspace, this was done without proper planning and preparation. Digitalization of TVET is still in progress in Indonesia.

Against the backdrop, the ILO together with its partners proposes a stakeholder discussion series to explore viable partnerships to advance the digitalization of TVET in Indonesia and help Indonesian TVET institutions adjust their education to meet the requirements of the New Normal. The proposed webinar will explore partnerships among TAFE institutions in Australia, Indonesian polytechnics and companies and identify viable ICT-aided skills development models that are suitable to Indonesia.

This proposed webinar will focus on online TVET for digital skills development for the sake of concrete discussion. The ICT sector is selected also because digital skills shortage is looming. In fact, the World Bank projects a shortage of 9 million skilled- and semi-skilled ICT workers in Indonesia in the coming 15 years. It observes that skills sets of ICT graduates often fall short of industry requirements. The IMD Digital World Competitiveness Ranking 2020 placed Indonesia at the 56th out of 63 countries. The report points out that Indonesia’s modest training and education affects the ranking. It is high time Indonesia accelerated ICT skills development, taking advantage of modern technologies.


  • Discuss challenges in skills development, especially adoption to the New Normal, and identify steps to promote online TVET.
  • Consider models of blended learning (i.e. theory learning online and practical training on campus or at companies) that help narrow anticipated skills shortage in the ICT sector.
  • Explore partnership among TAFE Victoria, Indonesian polytechnics, and ICT companies, taking advantage of existing high quality online learning material and English learning programmes.


08.00 a.m  Registration
08.55 a.m  Indonesian National Anthem
09.00 a.m  Opening remarks by the ILO Country Director, Michiko Miyamoto
09,05 a.m  Remarks by the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, Education counselor, Elizabeth Campbell - Dorning
09,10 a.m  Remarks by Victoria Commissioner to Southeast Asia, Rebecca Hall
09,15 a.m  Keynote remarks by Director of Vocational Higher Education and Profession, Ministry of Education and Culture, Research and Technology, Dr. Beny Bandanadjaja ST, MT.
09.20 a.m  Presentation on landscape of digital skills demand in Indonesia – Industry/business association
09.30 am   Presentation on vocational education policies and partnerships with foreign TVET institutions by the Director General of the Ministry of Education and Culture
09.45 a.m  Overview of online TVET in ICT and English training programmes in Australia's  TAFE Victoria
10.00 a.m  Break 
10.10 a.m  Presentations by TAFE Victoria Institutions
11.40 a.m  Panel discussion on partnership approach to ICT skills development Polytechnics and ICT business representatives and Q&A session
12.10 p.m  Closing remarks by the representatives of the ILO and the Embassy of Australia representative

About the organizers

The seminar  is a part of the initiatives to prepare youth entering the labour market or those who has lost job to re-enter the world of work. The initiative was jointly funded by the Government of Japan (Industry Skills for Inclusive Growth Phase-2 (InSIGHT-2) Project and the Fast Retailing Co., Ltd (the Unemployment Protection or UNIQLO Project).