Positive wellbeing in the workplace during COVID-19 pandemic (a series of 7 videos)

The ILO’s Better Work Indonesia developed an online stress management training, “Positive Wellbeing in the Workplace in the Face of COVID-19 Pandemic” and a series of videos were developed to make it more interactive and usable.

Date issued: 04 May 2020 | Size/duration: 7 videos

Effective sharing method

Sharing stories is one way to ease the burden of mental issue. Nevertheless, there are tricks to make this activity becomes more efficient and effective. 


Regular journaling about our emotional feeling in a diary could help mental health and generate comfort. This video explains the benefits of writing therapy for mental health. 


The current fast lifestyle makes people not be in their present moment. As consequences, many things surround left unnoticed including attention to ourselves. This video contains steps of being mindful to ourselves and others around. 

Anti-stress breathing exercise

Proper breathing brings relaxation to the mind, body and soul. This following tutorial provides step-by-step instructions to reduce stress through proper breathing techniques. 

Muscles relaxation

Many people often face difficulty to be relax. Moreover, there are not many people able to comprehend the word relax. The following simple physical exercise provides tricks to relax our mind, body and soul. 

Good stress

Stress often associates with negative things. There are not many people understand that stress could have positive impact. This video explains that sufficient stress levels are actually benefits our daily functions. 

Tips to manage stress from media/publication

During the Covid-19 pandemic, wide spreads of news publications could potentially create anxiety to its audience. This video provides tips for managing information to prevent anxiety.