Child labour: Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

Project to strengthen policies and programmes to prevent and remediate child labour in the Primark apparel supply chain

The 3 year project is structured around the development of tools/protocols to implement Primark’s Child Labour Code and Framework; the provision of training and awareness-raising, primarily for Primark staff. The PPP will identify and support systems to detect and remedy child labour and build capacity at different levels of the supply chain, including cotton growing communities. ILO-IPEC will support the development and implementation of Primark’s Child Labour Code (CLC) and its Child Labour Framework (CLF). The project contributes to the achievement of the ILO’s Programme and Budget Outcome 16, Child Labour is eliminated, with priority given to its worst forms”. Progress toward the achievement of the Project’s objectives will be tracked using a tailored Project Monitoring Plan, based on indicators identified in the Project Document. The project will also be subject to a final self evaluation

Development objective

To accelerate progress in the elimination of child labour in apparel supply chains

Immediate objective 1 

Strengthened knowledge base on child labour in the apparel supply chain.

Output 1.1: Analysis of child labour in select sourcing countries  

Immediate objective 2 

Strengthened capacity to identify, prevent, and remediate child labour throughout Primark’s apparel supply chains.

Output 2.1: Primark’s Child Labour Code developed.
Output 2.2: Tools and protocols to implement Primark’s Child Labour Code and Child Labour Framework created.
Output 2.3: Training programme implemented.
Output 2.4: Support for creation of local networks.