ILO Roadmap on Decent Work in Global Supply Chains

News | 03 August 2017
More than one year has passed since the adoption of the resolution and conclusions submitted by the Committee on Decent Work in Global Supply Chains (GSC) at the International Labour Conference.


Since that time the ILO and its constituents have developed a roadmap "Follow-up to the resolution concerning decent work in global supply chains: roadmap for the programme of action" of the ILO programme of action 2017-21.

Key points include:
  • a selection of specific sector global supply chains in April 2017;
  • identification of a number of countries where country-level activities will take place;
  • implementation of the ILO GSC research and knowledge agenda; and
  • implementation of ILO GSC capacity building components.
Effective advocacy for decent work in GSC is also referenced with specific mention of the Child Labour Platform.