Decent Work Country Profile: A Sub-National Perspective in Brazil

This report constitutes the second edition of the Decent Work Profile for Brazil. It refers mostly to the second half of the 2000s and incorporates a wider range of indicators that those adopted in the first edition. In addition, it features a pioneering chapter of companies and decent work. Besides presenting a set of indicators and analyses relative to companies, which may help define policies and actions relative to the promotion of Decent Work, it also contributes to the development and improvement of the measurement methodology of Decent Work. This is a first methodological effort that should be perfected in future editions of this report, by means of contributions stemming from tripartite workshops on the measurement and assessment of Decent Work. The report also includes, in what also constitutes a first-time endeavor in the international scope of the MAP project, a series of disaggregated data relative to the 27 Federation Units that together compose Brazil. The purpose is to facilitate the analysis of the heterogeneous nature and diversity of situation found in all Brazilian territory in all dimensions of Decent Work. Breaking down data by Federation Unit (UF) is not only important from an analytical standpoint, but is also highly relevant considering the formulation of public policy.