Finding Aids

Finding aids are descriptive tools to help researchers find detailed information on a specific ILO topic or special collection.

They offer user-friendly guidance on the evolution of certain documents or ideas, setting documents in context. Also, they make documents that are hard to locate, easy to find.

New Finding Aid on General Surveys

Ever wondered how maternity leave was managed back in the sixties? Have you considered the provisions on working time during the eighties? To help you save time finding this information, the ILO Library created a new Finding Aid on General Surveys.

This simple-to-use tool allows you to easily access the ILO General Surveys by theme, by year, or by ILO Instrument, according to your research and information needs.

It also presents you the background history of these surveys, their evolution over time, changes to the content, format and parties involved, all with user-friendly timelines and linked to primary sources.

The Finding Aid on General Surveys, at this moment only available in English, is a practical and useful research ally to ILO constituents, academic researchers, labour law practitioners and historians.