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5-16 June 2023

111th Session of the International Labour Conference

The International Labour Organization holds its 111th annual Conference in Geneva from 5–16 June 2023. Worker, employer and government delegates from the ILO's 187 Member States addressed a wide range of issues, including: a just transition towards sustainable and inclusive economies, quality apprenticeships, and labour protection.
  1. International Labour Conference adopts new apprenticeship standard, among other key decisions

Reports and documents

  1. 111th Session of the International Labour Conference

    Record of Proceedings

    03 October 2023

    This compilation includes the final records of all plenary sittings, committee reports and the transcript of the discussion of the reports of the Director-General and of the Chairperson of the Governing Body

  2. 111th Session of the International Labour Conference

    Transcript of the discussion of the Reports of the Director-General and the Chairpersons of the Governing Body

    17 August 2023

  3. ILC.111/Record No. 6B(Rev.1)

    Report of the Recurrent Discussion Committee on Labour Protection

    11 August 2023

    Version Rev.1 of 31 July includes corrections received from Committee members.

  4. ILC.111/Record No. 7B

    Report of the General Discussion Committee on a Just Transition

    11 August 2023

  5. ILC.111/Record No. 5B

    Report of the Standard-Setting Committee on Apprenticeships

    11 August 2023