5-16 June 2023

Recurrent Discussion Committee on Labour Protection

General information

The Committee will meet from Monday 5 June to Wednesday 14 June 2023 in Room XVIII at the Palais des nations.

The Plan of Work of the Committee (see ILC.111/CDR/D.1 below) will be composed of three segments:

5-6 June: General discussion in plenary of Committee based on Report V - Leaving no one behind: Building inclusive labour protection in an evolving world of work and on the  points for discussion (see below under "Reports submitted to the Conference")

8-9 June: Preparation of the draft outcome document (Conclusions) of the Committee by the drafting group

12-14 June:
Discussion of amendments to the draft conclusions in plenary of Committee

At its final sitting, the Committee is expected to adopt an outcome document (Conclusions) that will be submitted to the plenary of the Conference for adoption on Friday 16 June.

Nominations for the Reporter

Nominations for Reporter of the Committee should reach the Secretariat by Monday, 12 June, 11.30 a.m. (CEST).

Draft conclusions

The Draft conclusions prepared by the Drafting group are now available. You can download the Draft conclusions under "Committee documents" below.

Amendments to the draft conclusions

Saturday 10 June, between 8:00 and 16:00 (CEST): submission of the amendments in English, French or Spanish.

Please note that no amendments can be received after 16:00 (CEST) deadline.

Amendments can only be submitted through the online platform. Only amendments that have been validated by the Secretariat can be discussed by the Committee. If one or more amendment(s) require(s) further clarification, you will receive an email from the CDR Secretariat inviting you to provide the clarification needed through a meeting in person at the Cyber Café, Building E, Floor 2 (main entrance, Door 40).

Access to the online platform

For information and guidance, see the web page Submitting amendments in committees.

Square bracketed text in draft conclusions

An explanatory note on square bracketed text is available under the Key resources section of this page.
  • Square bracketed text indicates that there has been no consensus in the Drafting group to the part of the text in question or that the text was not discussed by the Drafting group due to lack of time. If the text in square brackets is to be retained in its entirety, there is no need to submit an amendment.
  • Square bracketed text that includes a slash (“/”) indicates that there are two or more alternative options to be considered by the Committee. In such a case, an amendment may be submitted deleting one of the options to express preference for the other option.

Sunday 11 June:
the validated amendments will be made available on the Committee’s web page.

Consideration of amendments

The amendments will be discussed in plenary of the Committee from Monday 12 June until Wednesday 14 June in room XVIII.

Reports submitted to the Conference

  1. ILC.111/V/Points for discussion

    Recurrent discussion on labour protection: Points for discussion

    29 May 2023

  2. Report V(Rev.)

    Leaving no one behind: Building inclusive labour protection in an evolving world of work

    12 May 2023

    Background report for the second recurrent discussion on the strategic objective of social protection (labour protection), under the follow-up to the ILO Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization, 2008, as amended in 2022. In the revised version of 12 May 2023, Figure 14 has been corrected.