Committees and working parties of the 109th Session of the International Labour Conference

The Conference establishes committees to deal with the technical items on its agenda (see below). These committees meet concurrently, and work throughout the Conference, before finalizing their reports, conclusions or any instruments they may have drafted, which are then presented to the plenary for adoption.
  1. Committee on the Application of Standards - CAN

    Sittings: 28 May, 3-18 June

  2. Finance Committee - CF

    Sittings: 31 May, 1 and 4 June

  3. Credentials Committee - CVP

    Sittings: as required

  4. Selection Committee - CP

    Sitting: 2 June

  5. Recurrent Discussion Committee: Social security - CDR

    Sittings: 3-18 June

  6. COVID Response Committee - CRC

    Sittings: as of 3 June, as required

  7. General Discussion Working Party: Inequalities and the world of work - WP/I

    Sittings: 25 November-10 December

  8. General Discussion Working Party: Skills and lifelong learning - WP/S

    Sittings: 25 November-10 December