10–21 June 2019

Committee of the Whole

General information

In accordance with the recommendation made by the Governing Body at its 335th Session (March 2019), the Conference appointed a Committee of the Whole to consider an ILO Centenary Declaration.

The Committee of the Whole was governed by section H of Part II of the Standing Orders of the Conference, but enjoyed greater flexibility with respect to certain aspects, such as the participation of special guests. The title “Committee of the Whole” is intended to reflect its possible wider participation and to highlight the historical importance of its task. Despite the fact that a Committee of the Whole is open to all delegations, it will be necessary to register for that committee. 

The Committe met from Tuesday 11 to Thursday 20 June 2019 in Room XVII in accordance with its plan of work (see CW/D.1 below).

Texts adopted by the Conference

ILO Centenary Declaration for the Future of Work