XVth Meeting of European Labour Court Judges (Erfurt, Germany)

  • Age discrimination (General Reporter: Dr. Gerhard Kuras, Supreme Court of Austria)
  • Outsourcing (General Reporter: Prof. Stein Evju, University of Oslo; President(ret.), Norwegian Labour Court)

The Meeting was hosted by the German Labour Court Judges at the Bundesarbeitsgericht (the Federal Labour Court of Germany), Hugo Preuß Platz 1, D-99084, Erfurt, Germany.

General Reports on the selected topics were prepared by the General Reporters, based on the National reports (replies to the questionnaires sent by the participants).

The Initiating/Organizing Committee members of this year’s meeting were:

  • Judge Steve Adler, President, Labour Court of Israel
  • Judge Mario Eylert, Federal Labour Court of Germany
  • Judge Michaël Koch, President, Labour Court of Sweden
  • Judge Annelie Marquardt, Federal Labour Court of Germany
  • Ms. Angelika Muller, Labour Law Officer, Social Dialogue, Labour Law and Labour Administration Branch, ILO (Geneva)