Training course on occupational safety and health – Part two

Following the first part of this course, the online training videos produced by the ILO SCORE Programme will introduce practical knowledge to help you an occupational safety and health management system for your enterprise.

Ensure daily welfare and wellbeing for employees

These are the hazards that are most often overlooked. They are not seen as having a direct impact on occupational accidents and diseases, productivity and product quality.

Personal and psychological risks

If an enterprise wants to maximize productivity, it needs to create a workplace where the workers feel secure and respected. This issue goes beyond physical safety and includes protecting the self-respect, dignity and mental wellbeing of workers.

Prevention and handling of bullying and harassment

The video discusses forms of bullying and harassment in the workplace and measures to deal with and prevent these behaviours.

8 steps to build and implement an occupational safety and health (OSH) system

This video introduces a systematic guide to build and implement an occupational safety and health (OSH) system.

Build and issue an OSH Policy

A policy on occupational safety and health is an overall plan or course of action that, when followed, improves safety and health in the enterprise.

Set up an OSH Committee

In order for the system to be operated and maintained effectively, it is necessary to have an OSH Committee whose head is primarily responsible for the safety of the enterprise. Which members of the enterprises should be on this committee? What are the roles of this committee?

Identify hazards related to OSH and assess the risks

The video introduces methods of hazard identification and risk assessment in the workplace.

Build a three-layered OSH document system

The document system is a good tool to help enterprises convey complete information about the will and regulations from the leaders to all employees. So what are the three layers in this system?

Implement the OSH system

The video discusses some of the key factors for successful implementation and maintenance of an OSH System.

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