Labour Commitment in EVFTA and Amendments and Supplements of the Labour Code 2019

The video gives brief introduction of Labour commitments, implementing institutions, and procedures for disagreement resolution in the EVFTA. In addition, it also highlights amendments and supplements of labour code 2019 in order to implement this Free Trade Agreement. The revised provisions relate to three group of fundamental labour standards that are freedom of association and collective bargaining; equality and non-discrimination at work; and elimination of child labour and protection of minor workers.

Date issued: 04 April 2021 |

European – Viet Nam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) has been recognized as the new generation of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Viet Nam and 27 European Union’s Members. The Agreement was signed on 30 June 2019 between EU and Viet Nam, ratified on 12 February 2020 by the European Parliament and on 8 June 2020 by the National Assembly of Viet Nam.

Among 17 Chapters of EVFTA, Chapter 13, named “Trade and Sustainable Development”, has strong emphasis on labor rights, as well as protection of environmental sustainability, to ensure that free trade will contribute to sustainable development and help workers and businesses having equal economic benefits.

Department of Legal Affairs, with support from ILO, has developed one video clip on EVFTA, which disseminates the content of labour commitments, monitoring mechanism, and amendments and supplements to Labour Code 2019 when Viet Nam is a signatory of this free trade agreement of the new generation.