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New training package equips Viet Nam Women Union to advocate for more gender-responsive social protection policies

Gaps in Viet Nam's social protection exist, placing women at a disadvantage. The ILO and Viet Nam Women Union’s new online training package equips union workers at the central and grassroots level to fight for policies that ensure equal security for all.

Press release | 01 February 2024
Interface of the Gender Training Package for Policy Advocacy in Social Protection © ILO
HANOI, Viet Nam (ILO News) - An ILO-supported “Gender Training Package for Policy Advocacy in Social Protection” was finalized and recently uploaded to Viet Nam Women Union website. This online training package, which is free and accessible to all, will help to build up the capacity of the Women’s Union staff at the central and subnational levels to actively participate in policy discussions and dialogues on promoting gender equality in social protection in Viet Nam. Access the online training package HERE.

Gender gaps in labour force participation, employment and earnings continue to place women in Viet Nam at a disadvantage in the labour market when compared to men. These gaps in turn affect women’s access to social security benefits as well as their value. For instance, in 2019, only 16 per cent of women aged 65 or older received a social insurance pension, compared with 27.3 per cent of men. Furthermore, the average value of men’s pensions was higher than that of women’s pensions, by almost 20 per cent. Thus, in a context of a labour market and social and family relations with persistent gender gaps, gender-neutral policies in social security may not be sufficient to guarantee adequate social protection for women.

“The package is extremely valuable for [the Viet Nam Women’s Union] to build the capacity for its staff, thus improving the quality of policy advocacy towards gender-responsive social protection policy in Viet Nam,” shared Ton Ngoc Hanh, Vice Chair of the Viet Nam Women’s Union.

The Viet Nam Women’s Union is a socio-political organization that represents and defends the legal and legitimate rights of women in the country. It is an active stakeholder in the course of promoting gender equality in social protection in Viet Nam, and a valued partner of the ILO in the country.

ILO Country Director for Viet Nam, Ingrid Christensen shared: “The ILO is privileged to partner with Viet Nam Women’s Union in an effort to better identify how Viet Nam can better promote gender equality through its Social Protection System.”

The training package was developed with technical and financial support from the EU/ILO Programme on Improving Synergies between Social Protection and Public Finance Management (SP-PFM) in Viet Nam.
Pilot training with the package in Nam Dinh, 2023. © Hoang Lam/ILO
A VWU staff tries out the o package in Nam Dinh, 2023. © Hoang Lam/ILO
Pilot training with the package in Nam Dinh, 2023. © Hoang Lam/ILO