Work Improvements in Small Enterprises

Global Manual for WISE - Work Improvements in Small Enterprises

The Global Manual for WISE is designed to assist employers and workers in small enterprises from the manufacturing sector in creating safe, healthy and productive workplaces.

Instructional material | 14 March 2018
In this manual, employers and workers will find many practical ideas in full-colour illustrations to improve key aspects of safety, health and productivity such as materials handling, workstations and work tools, machine safety, working environment, the control of hazardous agents, provision of welfare facilities and improvements in work organization. The emphasis of the manual is to provide easy-to-apply and low-cost solutions using locally available materials. The methodology also intends to promote collaborative action between employers and workers to implement the practical measures at the workplace.

This manual was built in the 27 year-experience of ILO’s participatory action-oriented approaches to improving safety, health and productivity, and incorporated the knowledge gained on the good practices collected from different parts of the world. Many employers and workers in small enterprises will find this manual useful in practice.