Framework guidelines for addressing workplace violence in the health sector: The training manual

This manual is a practical, user-friendly tool that builds on the policy approach of the Framework Guidelines. Representatives of governments, employers and workers would be well served to use the manual in training situations, so as to encourage social dialogue among health sector stakeholders and develop, in consultation, approaches to address violence in the workplace.

Instructional material | 01 January 2005
The International Council of Nurses (ICN), the World Health Organization (WHO) Public Services International (PSI) and the ILO jointly developed the “Framework guidelines for addressing workplace violence in the health sector”. The Guidelines provide definitions of workplace violence and guidance on general rights and responsibilities; best approaches; violence recognition; violence assessment; workplace interventions; monitoring and evaluation.

This Training Manual is a complement to the Framework Guidelines. The two documents constitute a package that should facilitate dissemination and effective utilization of the Framework Guidelines.

The Manual is primarily targeted at workplace situations but is also suitable for being used, in a flexible way, in awareness-raising contexts. It is intended for a wide range of operators in the health sector, including health personnel, members of professional associations, trade unionists, administrators, managers, trainers, decision makers and practitioners in general.