Occupational Safety and Health in Global Value Chains Starterkit

Assessment of drivers and constraints for OSH improvement in global value chains and intervention design

The joint ILO-EU project on OSH in Global Supply Chains conducted three case studies on the drivers and constraints for OSH in the value chains of coffee from Colombia, palm oil from Indonesia and lychee from Madagascar. The research methodology developed by the project was subsequently implemented in the ginger value chain in Myanmar and in the textile value chain in Madagascar through the Vision Zero Fund initiative.

Worker in Madagascar @Maxime Fossat
The research process involved the contribution of the Cardiff Work Environment Research Centre and a methodology package for implementers was subsequently developed. The present Starterkit provides guidance to development professionals in charge of projects that aim at improving occupational safety and health in global value chains. The Starterkit is composed of a Guide and a Toolbox. The full package can be downloaded following the links below:

Toolbox:It is also available on an interactive learning platform.