International Basic Safety Standards for Protection Against Ionizing Radiation and for the Safety of Radiation Sources. IAEA Safety Series No. 115

The purpose of the Standards is to establish basic requirements for protection against the risks associated with exposure to ionizing radiation and for the safety of radiation sources that may deliver such exposure. The Standards have been developed from widely accepted radiation protection and safety principles, such as those published in the Annals of the International Commission on Radiological Protection and the International Atomic Energy Agency Safety Series.

The Standards represent an international consensus on qualitative and quantitative requirements for protection and safety for: planned practices such as nuclear power generation and the use of radiation and radioactive materials in medicine and industry; intervention in existing situations such as chronic exposure to natural sources of radiation or exposure following an accident; control of radiation sources, including notification and authorization, and criteria for exemption. Consensus guidance is also given on: occupational radiation protection; protection of patients in radiography, fluoroscopy, computer tomography, mammography and nuclear medicine; protection of members of the public from exposure to radioactive materials released to the environment; prevention of incidents giving rise to potential exposures; and intervention in a radiological emergency.

The Standards comprise a Preamble, the Principal Requirements, Appendices and Schedules. The Preamble states the aims and the bases of the Standards, explains the underlying principles and philosophy, and describes appropriate governmental arrangements for applying the Standards. The Principal Requirements specify what is imperative in order to fulfil the aims of the Standards. Consequential Detailed Requirements, subsidiary to the Principal Requirements, are specified in the Appendices. Quantitative standards and guidance are provided in the Schedules. A Glossary, the list of experts who contributed to the drafting and review process, and the list of the representatives of countries and organizations on the Technical Committees which endorsed the Standards in December 1993 and which verified the translations and technical editing of the Standards in August/September 1994 are also included. The Sponsoring Organizations are also briefly described.