Managing disability in the workplace

This code has been drawn up to guide employers to adopt a positive strategy in managing disability related issues in the workplace. It is intended to be read in the context of national conditions and to be applied in accordance with national law and practice.

Code of practice | 01 January 2002
Throughout the world, persons with disabilities are participating and contributing in the world of work at all levels. However, many persons with disabilities who wish to work are unable to do so because of numerous barriers. This code of practice provides guidelines for employers in the management of disability-related issues in the workplace. It covers work-related or non-work-related disabilities and outlines responsibilities for improving the employment prospects of persons with disabilities, particularly in the areas of recruitment, return to work, job retention and opportunities for advancement. The code is mainly aimed at employers, but it also explores the role of government and trade unions.

1. General provisions
2. General duties of employers and workers’ representatives, and responsibilities of competent authorities
3. Framework for the management of disability issues in the workplace
4. Recruitment
5. Promotion
6. Job retention
7. Adjustments
8. Confidentiality of information

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