Safety and health in ports

The practical recommendations in this code are intended to provide relevant guidance to ILO constituents and all those responsible for or involved in the management, operation, maintenance and development of ports. This code of practice replaces two former ILO publications: "Guide to safety and health in dock work" (1976) and "Safety and health in dock work , An ILO code of practice" (second edition, 1977).

Code of practice | 17 December 2003
The scope of this code reflects that of Convention No. 152 and Recommendation No. 160. It covers all aspects of work in ports where goods or passengers are loaded onto or unloaded from ships, including work incidental to such loading or unloading activities in the port area. It is not limited to international trade and is equally applicable to domestic operations, including those on inland waterways.

The final part of the code gives some brief guidance on matters that are not directly covered by Convention No. 152, but are nevertheless essential to the safe and proper operation of a port.