Principles and guidelines for human factors / ergonomics (HFE) design and management of work systems.

Effective human factors/ergonomics (HFE) is indispensable to support our life and work in the 21st century; without attention to HFE in design, work systems will not support the sustainability of workers, organizations, or societies. This document is intended to make explicit the value proposition of HFE focused on worker safety, health, and wellbeing in the optimization of work systems. These principles and guidelines for HFE design and management of work systems apply across all sectors and occupations. They are evidence-based and describe ways to integrate physical, cognitive, and organizational HFE into the design and management of work systems to ensure worker safety, health, and wellbeing and to enhance worker and organizational performance, effectiveness, and sustainability.

This publication will not only provide an important technical basis for the ILO in its standard-setting activities on workplace ergonomics, but also a useful tool for the world experts, practitioners, employers and workers and their organizations, national institutions and all those who have a role in ensuring safe and healthy work environments.