Creation of safe and healthy workplace

2013 Employment and Labor Policy in Korea

This revised edition contains the major achievements of Korea's employment and labour policies. The book covers the major policy tasks that the government has pursued. It provides readers with a clear understanding of the labour market situation and employment and labour policies in the country. Part 4 covers the "Creation of Safe and Healthy Workplaces".

Policy | 16 June 2014
Part 4 - Creation of Safe and Healthy Workplace, pp. 91–122:
Ⅰ. Overview
Ⅱ. Safety Management in Accident-Prone, Vulnerable Sectors
1. Intensive control of occupational accidents
2. Stronger efforts to prevent fatal and big accidents
3. Protection of workers vulnerable to industrial accidents
Ⅲ. Enhanced Prevention of Occupational Diseases
1. Chemicals control
2. Work environment management
Ⅳ. Active Health Promotion for Workers
1. Enhanced prevention of work-related diseases
2. Support for health management in small workplaces
Ⅴ. Promotion of Voluntary Industrial Accident Prevention
1. Promotion of safety and health management in workplaces
2. Creation of advanced industry safety health culture
Ⅵ. Improved Infrastructure for Industrial Accident Prevention
1. Establishment of risk assessment system
2. Promotion of win-win cooperation on occupational safety and health (OSH)
Ⅶ. Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance (IACI)
1. Overview
2. Main features
3. Rehabilitation and welfare programs for accident victims
4. Rational improvement of the IACI System