Labour migration and climate change

The Impact of Climate Change on Labour Migration: Exchanging practices and exploring opportunities for sustainable development, decent work and a just labour market transition

This event will be structured in two complementary panel sessions to better understand how labour migration can serve as an adaptive response to climate change and how skills anticipation and qualifications systems can support just transitions to green and blue economies.

Labour migration can play an important role in strengthening resilience to climate change impacts for the people most affected by these impacts, where migrant workers are able to move through safe, regular and rights-based pathways that offer decent work. Migrant workers can play key roles in supporting just transitions to green economies, where they can develop and have their skills recognized, helping build a fairer and more sustainable future
This workshop, organized by the French chair of the Global Forum on Migration and Development and held at the ILO Headquarters and online, will offer an opportunity for interactive dialogue and experience-sharing among governments, social partners and other stakeholders on practical ways to address the impacts of climate change on labour migration and migrant workers as part of countries’ adaptation to climate change and just transitions.

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