Strengthening the Labour Administration System and Improving Delivery Capacity - Greece

This project promoted effective labour administration as an important component of good governance and economic progress in crises contexts.

In January 2016, 1.17 million Greeks were looking for a job. Greece is also at the center of the refugee crisis in Europe. Integration of refugees in the labour market demands responsive governance, as inappropriate regulation can contribute to the growth of the informal economy. Effective labour administration is vital for good governance and economic progress especially in a context of crisis. It contributes to improving working conditions and towards making decent work a reality while at the same time enhances employment and productivity, contributing to sustainable economic development.

In June 2016, a Supplemental Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the European Commission, the Hellenic Republic and the Bank of Greece detailed requirements for the Greek Government to strengthen the capacity of its labour administration. In this context, the European Commission sought ILO’s expertise on labour administration to review the current institutional framework, roles, responsibilities and duties of the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Social Solidarity (MLSSSS) to better develop and implement policies and programmes responsive to the new economic and social context and to further develop the capacities of human resources to be able to fully engage in necessary reforms.

The project worked in close collaboration with the Greek MLSSSS, the European Commission and employers’ and workers’ organizations in Greece.