Deadline for application: 04 September 2023

International classification of radiographs of pneumoconioses

This course A9016180 is attended by radiologists; occupational physicians in public organizations and private enterprises involved in screening and surveillance; researchers and university professors of medical radiology.

The ILO Classification of Radiographs of Pneumoconiosis is an important international standard that is widely used around the world for the early detection of pneumoconiosis in the medical screening and health surveillance of workers exposed to noxious dusts and in epidemiological evaluations. The use of the Classification is mandatory in many countries. Use of the ILO Classification may lead to better international comparability of data concerning pneumoconiosis. Some countries have established legal requirements for use of the ILO Classification in the assessment of compensation claims, although the Classification was not originally designed for this purpose. This Workshop provides an excellent opportunity to upgrade your knowledge of the prevention of occupational respiratory diseases and improve your skills in using the ILO Classification effectively. You will have an opportunity to test your skills by making individual readings of subject films from the ILO training materials. To evaluate the results of your readings, ILO experts will review the classification of these subject films with you.

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