Somalia: Youth for change

The Youth for Change joint initiative aims at reducing risk of youth becoming involved in antisocial and criminal behavior. Its economic re-integration component focuses, among others, on green job promotion.

Building on the Youth at Risk programme implemented over 2011 and 2012, the Youth for Change (Y4C) joint initiative is a 12 month programme between UNDP, ILO and UNICEF. While all outcomes are integral to the success of the Youth for Change initiative, the rehabilitation and reintegration of 2,000 youth is at the core. This outcome is achieved by implementation of four key components, outreach and identification, rehabilitation, socio- economic reintegration and case management.

The economic re-integration component of the programme is managed by the ILO. Participants learn the basis of entrepreneurship and commerce on vocational skills, and are supported to start work placement. In this context, the ILO also supports the development of employment intensive investment programmes (EIIP) aimed at providing short-term employment for each beneficiary that also benefits the community. The EIIP include, among others, the installation of solar street lights and the plantation of trees as well as other environmental works like the reduction of flood damage and water management. Alongside this, the skills training component will build the young people’s knowledge and aptitude base on these areas of work, allowing them to pursue employment opportunities in these fields more effectively in the future.