Trainings on Green Jobs

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Millions of green jobs already exist in sectors such as energy efficiency, energy supply, transportation and waste management and there is evidence for the viability and potential for green jobs across the entire workforce, but only a fraction of this potential is being tapped. Additional proactive policy initiatives and public as well as private investments are needed.

ILO training courses will allow participants to contribute to the formulation and implementation of national policy for a transition to a greener, more sustainable economy. Although training is designed for a specific audience, the focus of these trainings remains on the social dimensions of relevant environmental and economic policies, including the workplace, enterprise development, incomes, poverty, and the labour market, especially employment and skills development. Trainings are usually directed to ILO constituents such as staff of Employers' Organizations and Trade Unions, and officials of Ministries of Labour. However, it is also suitable for officials from other Ministries, such as Environment, Planning or Finance, and for representatives of national and international development agencies.


  1. Turin

    Green Jobs Learning Forum. Local Strategies and Actions

    3 - 14 December 2012

    This is a practitioners’ Learning Forum. Thus, it provides participants with knowledge, tools and examples of good practices to enhance their skills in the design and implementation of effective local strategies for the promotion of green jobs through private sector development.


  1. Turin

    Green Jobs: linking climate change and the world of work

    4 - 29 July 2011

    This course seeks to address the many impediments to the promotion of green jobs worldwide, by providing governments and social partners the needed knowledge and tools to assess potentialities, monitor progress, close skills gaps and decide on investments.


  1. Nairobi

    “Green jobs in Africa” – Regional training course

    17 - 21 May 2010

    The objective of the course is to empower participants to provide meaningful inputs to national debates and policy making on the social and labour dimensions of climate change.