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  1. Bangladesh. Technical note. Comparison between employment injury provisions in the Labour Act and standard provisions of an employment injury insurance scheme

    26 November 2015


  2. Bangladesh. Rana Plaza Compensation Scheme. Technical report on the scheme design and operationalization, and lessons learnt

    26 November 2015


  3. Employment Injury Insurance in the Republic of Moldova: Options for contribution rates

    19 December 2013

    Employment injury compensation is closely related with occupational safety and health. In order to reduce work accidents and occupational diseases, it is indispensable to create positive synergies between compensation and prevention. One of the crucial questions is how to find a balance between individual liability and collective solidarity with a view to improve the financial protection of all parties and provide incentives for prevention. This report explains key characteristics of the differential rating system and experience rating system, and analyzes the issues associated with their implementation in the Moldovan context.

  4. Restructuring the Employment Injury Insurance System in Serbia: Further analysis of reform options

    19 December 2013

    This publication summarizes the current provisions of employment injury benefits in Serbia and provides an overview of the social security benefits against accidents and sicknesses for work-related and general cases. It also presents the analysis with respect to the measures to improve the reporting of work accidents and occupational diseases in Serbia as well as presents the actuarial evaluation of the costs of employment injury benefits and the methods for determining contribution rates.

  5. Strengthening the role of employment injury schemes to help prevent occupational accidents and diseases

    02 January 2013

    The overall aim of the guide is to provide policy recommendations for future direction in the area of employment injury (EI) schemes. The guide is targeted at a mixed audience of national authorities dealing with occupational safety and health (OSH).

  6. Employment injury protection in Serbia: issues and options

    02 May 2012

    This report describes the current system in Serbia in light of the principles of employment injury protection and looks at occupational safety and health issues in the context of current economic conditions and challenges.

  7. Employment Injury Benefits. Occupational accident and disease insurance systems. ILO, Moscow, 2010

    28 April 2010