About the Global Programme on Employment Injury Insurance and Protection

Employment injury insurance and protection in case of injury at workplace is vital to social peace, inclusive and fair redistribution and the economic and competitive success. Enterprises of all types have the responsibility to protect all their work force in case of injury and workplace risks. Through the Global Programme on Employment Injury Insurance and Protection (GEIP), the ILO addresses workforce needs in case of employment injury. The programme leverage on ILO’s extensive experience with enterprises and social security institutions.

The Programme provides technical assistance, tailoring it to the needs of each country, always bearing in mind thee national affordability and capacity to cover workers and comply with social security.

Expectations of ILO tripartite-plus stakeholders

Future of Work agenda

Seeking modern solutions to guarantee fundamental right to employment injury protection for all new non-standard forms of employment.

Demanding inclusive growth so no worker is worried of being victim of injuries at work; and receiving adequate benefits no less than under C.121.

Demanding conducive conditions and an enabling environment for productive and sustainable business development offering employment injury protection of human capital through practically tailored, accessible, and affordable employment injury benefits delivered by well managed social security institutions providing employment injury protection; varying demands across sectors.
Global Supply Chains

International buyers and consumers demanding purchased goods emerge from responsible production and purchasing practices that respect the cost to the right to employment injury insurance for all workers across the supply chains and avoids two-tier standards between domestic production and international production
National Governments

Seeking social and economic development plans that efficiently link employment injury protection (EIP) to labour protection for occupational safety and health and the right to EIP; Initially for all enterprise workers (formal sectors) through sound tripartite decision making and governance.
Global Community – Sustainable Development Goals

Decent work by way of coverage of all workers in case of work injuries (SDG indicator 1.3.1) and Decent work (SDG 8).
ILO Country Intervention Model
On Compensation, Prevention and Compliance
From National to Workplace Levels

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