Future of Work - Major trends

Demographic changes leading up to the 2030 (global perspective)

Against the backdrop of population ageing (i.e. lower fertility and higher life expectancy), the global working-age population is anticipated to grow at a much slower pace over the next decade and half as fast to 2030 in comparison to the past 15 years. And while the slowdown is particularly marked in a number of regions such as the Arab States, with the exception of Africa each region will be confronted – albeit to varying degrees – with the challenge of population ageing and the resultant slowdown in working-age population growth. 

The question of how these change will affect the world of work has been discussed vigorously, attracting different views. Some see them as potential source of slow growth (“secular stagnation”) whereas others see these developments leading to new job opportunities (particularly relating to the care sector) and stimulating technological changes.