Employment and Decent Work for Peace and Resilience

Resource page on Recommendation no. 205

Recommendation No. 205 on Employment and Decent Work for Peace and Resilience was adopted by the International Labour Conference in June 2017 following a two-year process of standard setting and tripartite consultations to revise and replace Recommendation No. 71 on Employment (Transition from War to Peace) of 1944. The new standard provides a unique normative framework focusing on world of work related measures to prevent and respond to the devastating effects of crises on economies and societies.

Policy areas

  1. Employment and income generation opportunities

    R205 Part IV.

  2. Rights, equality and non-discrimination

    R205 Part V.

  3. Education, vocational training and guidance

    R205 Part VI.

  4. Social protection

    R205 Part VII.

  5. Labour law, labour administration and labour market information

    R205 Part VIII.

  6. Social dialogue and role of employers’ and workers’ organizations

    R205 Part IX.

  7. Migrants affected by crisis situations

    R205 Part X.

  8. Refugees and returnees

    R205 Part XI.

  9. Prevention, mitigation and preparedness

    R205 Part XII.

  10. International cooperation

    R205 Part XIII.