Resource page on Recommendation no. 205

Knowledge development and dissemination

Members of an Eastern African cooperative sharing recipes
The development and dissemination of practical knowledge on what works in different contexts are essential to support country-level action towards the consolidation of peace- and resilience-building. The knowledge development strategy will build and expand on recent initiatives and products, carried out in cooperation with relevant partner organizations.
New research and tools will be developed along four streams of work: (a) focus on key policy areas or specific target groups covered by Recommendation No. 205; (b) analysis of intervention models, policy combinations, technical guidance and implementation modalities that leverage employment and decent work tools to positively impact peace- and resilience-building; (c) data collection and monitoring in countries affected by conflicts and disasters; and (d) impact assessment. Emphasis will be placed on innovative strategies and gender-sensitive approaches, and due attention will be paid to proposing options that can be adapted to the diversity of national circumstances.

Guides, manuals and toolkits: