Thematic areas in Employment intensive investment

EIIP is implemented through global, regional, national and local programmes, funded by governments and development partners, and include sectoral, national or local infrastructure programmes, public work programmes and public employment programmes.
Over the years, EIIP has developed a comprehensive package of product lines, covering the following six thematic areas:

  1. Employment Impact Assessment (EmpIA)

    Assessing the employment potential of public investment in infrastructure development and environmental works

  2. Green Works

    Climate change adaptation and mitigation through forestry, irrigation, soil and water conservation and flood protection.

  3. Emergency Employment

    Providing immediate income, decent jobs and improved assets in fragile, conflict and disaster situations.

  4. Public and Private Sector Development

    Building a competent local construction industry for sustainable infrastructure provision.

  5. Community and LRB Approaches

    Addressing local infrastructure needs using local resource-based technologies.

  6. Public Employment Programmes (PEPs)

    Supporting national employment programmes and employment guarantee schemes.