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EIIP Workshop on the Labor-Intensive Project with Municipalities in Jordan

In preparation of phase VI Employment Intensive Investment Program EIIP, ILO in Jordan in coordination with Ministry of Local Administration MOLA organised a Orientation workshop for 31 municipalities. The Project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through German Development Bank (KfW) will create 112,500 paid decent work-days for 1,250 Jordanians and Syrians in the northern and middle municipalities in Jordan.

Press release | 02 February 2023
Amman, Jordan – ILO in Jordan as part of Phase VI Employment Intensive Investment Program EIIP funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through German Development Bank (KfW) conducted an EIIP Project orientation workshop for 31 municipalities as part of the preparation for implementing projects in 15 shortlisted municipalities in the middle and northern governorates in Jordan.

The orientation workshop aims to introduce the project to the interested municipalities with EIIP project and implementation procedures, requirements that will be implemented under EIIP Project.

Engineer Basel Al Saydeh Director of Solid Waste Management Department ,on Behalf of His Excellency Engineer Hussein Muhaidat Secretary General of Ministry of Local Administration Opened the workshop with his remarks:.

This Project is a continuous collaboration between the ILO and the Ministry with aims to help the government in implementing projects that focus on green jobs and municipality projects that will benefit the local communities and will provide decent paid  jobs for more than 1,250 beneficiaries including women and workers with disabilities as part of inclusion efforts and women empowerment"

Dr. Assia Al Dhabbi, Senior Portfolio Coordinator at the KFW Development Bank “Appreciated  the long standing partnership with the Ministry of Local Administration and the importance of implementing sustainable infrastructure projects for the benefit of the local community especially women and children in addition to environment protection activities and women empowerment.”.

Engineer Shailendra Jha Kumar the ILO EIIP Project CTA,” assured that this project will focus on sub projects contributing to sustainable development and will help in providing decent paid job that ILO is calling for. In addition, the project will also provide capacity building support to Ministry and the municipalities as a part of the capacity building efforts that ILO is focusing on”.

The German Government supported the ILO project with 18 million euros that should cover the activities for 2023-24. This funding aims to Increase short-term income and improve living environment, in addition to provide the young Jordanian and Syrian with suitable skills that will help them to get longer job opportunities.

The project will have partnerships with Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Local Administration , Ministry of Labor, skill development institutions and several municipalities to implement the project activities.

The Ministry of Local Administration MOLA budget is around euros 7 million, which is part of a generous funding by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development BMZ through KfW German Development Bank

The project has started in 2016 in Jordan in response to the Syrian crisis and to help Jordan Government in facing the challenges related to the Syrian influx. It focuses on increasing short term employment through improving infrastructure and environment and to provide young youth with skills that will support them to find longer job opportunities.

The project is inclusive for Jordanian, Syrians , Men and Women and Persons with disability.