Employment-Intensive Investment in


Activities of the Employment Intensive Investment Programme in Sudan

Current EIIP Involvement 

A project was launched in Darfur in early 2016 to introduce labour-based maintenance schemes for employment creation. The project will establish maintenance groups, introduce labour-based methods for feeder road maintenance and develop a maintenance system.

Historical Information 

In 1997, the ILO provided technical assistance to the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)/United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) funded labour-based road project for the South Darfur State. The project, implemented over the course of three years and valued at US$5.5 million constructed 86 km of roads and developed a viable local labour-based road contracting capacity within the private sector, allied with a parallel development of the State Ministry of Engineering Affairs (SMEA) technical staff. Seven small sized contracting firms underwent a 20-week comprehensive training programme and were involved in the execution of trial contracts. The project was implemented by the SMEA whilst a local consulting company did the management and supervision.

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