Developing inclusivity of employers

Employers need to be sensitized and given guidance on how to benefit from disability inclusion and create inclusive workplaces.

The business case for diversity has been widely recognized and companies aim to bolster up their efforts to create and retain diverse workforces. Disability is increasingly gaining importance and recognition as an essential area for harnessing the full potential of diverse and inclusive workplaces.

The ILO facilitates peer-to-peer learning among employers that are already leading the way in this area.

For instance, the ILO Global Business and Disability Network brings together multinational companies, national employers’ organizations, business networks and disabled people’s organizations working in collaboration to promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the workplace.

At the same time, the public sector can lead by example by employing people with disabilities and can thereby increase its legitimacy and credibility in terms of representing the whole population it is supposed to serve.