COVID-19 and the World of Work: Implications for people with disabilities

Persons with disabilities are among the hardest hit by the ongoing economic crisis and are more likely to lose work and have difficulties finding employment again. Measures to ensure a disability-inclusive COVID-19 response and recovery need to be taken by all stakeholders in the World of Work.

Date issued: 11 June 2020 |

• Tine Staermose – Special Adviser, Labour Market Institutions and Governance, ILO
• Sakunthala Mapa – Head of Consortium, Leonard Cheshire Disability
• Vladimir Cuk – Executive Director, International Disability Alliance (IDA)
• Christina Behrendt – Head, Social Policy Unit, ILO
• Mauricio Dierckxsens – Employment Policies Specialist, ILO

• Stefan Tromel – Senior Disability Specialist, ILO