The UN Task Force on Social and Solidarity Economy (UNTFSSE) held its 32nd regular meeting

The meeting brought together 40 participants including representatives of the six member, eleven observer organizations and three resource persons.

News | 16 October 2020
The meeting started with a homage to David Thompson, followed by welcoming Cataylst 2030 as a new observer to the task force. Discussions centred around COVID-19 pandemic and its implications on the social and solidarity economy (SSE) followed by updates on the joint statement by the UNTFSSE available in English, French and Korean and the dedicated page of the task force.

 UNTFSSE 32nd regular meeting
Several priority objectives in the work plan of the UNTFSSE were also discussed, including the process leading to a UN resolution on SSE in 2021 and two joint UNTFSSE project proposals. Updates on the Knowledge Hub’s ongoing activities and presentation of the current communication strategy of the task force, including the social media new channels and the rebranding of the UNTFSSE website were tabled. The RIPESS representative provided information on the new project “Promotion of SSE as a key strategy for achieving sustainable development (SDGs) in post COVID-19 situation”, funded by the Catalan Cooperation and Development Agency (ACCD). The participants also brainstormed around the topic of SSE education.

The meeting concluded with an update on the upcoming events by the UNTFSSE or its members and observers.

The next meeting of the UNTFSSE will take place in December 2020.