The second Social Economy Fair of Korea held in Daejeon this year

The 2nd Social Economy Fair was held in Daejeon from July 5 to 7 as part of the Korea Social Economy week.

News | 28 July 2020
This three-day event brought together officials from 17 government ministries (i.e. Economy and Finance, Education, Science and ICT, Employment and Labor), the Metropolitan City of Daejeon and representatives from social economy institutions, religious organizations and public and private corporations. The event attracted more than 50,000 visitors who participated in a national policy forum, academic seminars, events, performances and concerts.

This year’s fair held under the slogan “Social economy, opening doors to tomorrow”, aimed to raise awareness of the social economy in Korea and showcased social economy institutions’ contribution to shaping a better future. The event provided an open space for public and private actors to exchange ideas, share good practices (i.e. innovative business models in social ventures and social farms, multi-stakeholder partnership with government and private companies) and to discuss concrete ways to support the growth of social economy institutions.

As part of the event, a “Social Economy & Value Gallery” was set up with a total of 150 exhibitors showcasing various goods produced by social economy institutions. A counseling booth provided advice and support to representatives from these institutions to expand their access to international markets, financing and distribution channels.

During the fair, government representatives introduced their policies to support social economy. In his opening speech, South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in renewed his commitment to support social economy as part of the overarching government strategy to achieve a people-centered economy and an inclusive society.

KoSEA, the implementing partner of the ILO on “SSE policy in Asia” project, participated in the Social Economy week in Korea.

This event follows the first nationwide social economy fair held in Daegu last year.