Dignità in campo in Italy

The main aim of the project is to prevent new forms of labour exploitation in the agricultural sector and to promote new practices in social economy through pilot actions in two territories in Italy.

Dignità in campo is a project funded by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies of Italy. The main objectives of the project are:
  • NETWORK ACTIVATION: Activate a territorial network for the prevention of labour exploitation.
  • INTERVENTION PLAN: Share an intervention plan for the promotion of decent work.
  • SOCIAL POLICIES: Support local social economy development policies.
The main actions in progress are:
  • AWARENESS CAMPAIGN: to raise awareness of the value of respect for fundamental labour rights in agriculture.
  • INTERVENTION DESIGN: to prevent labour exploitation and to develop good social economy practices.
  • CAPACITY BUILDING: to strengthen the skills of local actors in the field of prevention and social economy.
Pilot actions began in September 2019 in two territories, Saluzzo and Syracuse, situated in the north and south of the country respectively. Faced with the problem of exploitation of migrant agricultural workers, both territories are working toward finding solutions to prevent exploitation and give dignity to agricultural workers. The general objective of these pilot actions is to guarantee decent work and improve people's quality of life by proposing a shared vision by all local stakeholders to prevent exploitation of agricultural workers.
Both pilot actions in Saluzzo and Syracuse started in the summer of 2019 with an agreement at the municipal level to regularize informal employment contracts of migrant workers. They are piloting demand-supply systems for seasonal work, in order to regulate undeclared work in agriculture, especially for migrant workers, along with initiatives of social economy institutions, including cooperatives.