ILO COOP Manager Simel Esim participated in a webinar on Home-based Workers and the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE)

During the webinar that was organized by HomeNet International, ILO COOP Manager answered questions on the definition and components of SSE, the relevance of SSE as a framework, its relation to public and private sectors, and the upcoming general discussion at ILC 2022 on the topic.

News | 12 August 2021
HomeNetInternational (HNI), launched in February 2021, is a global network of 36 membership-based workers' organizations representing home-based workers from 20 countries around the world.

The webinar started with the launch of the HNI congress report from February 2021. It was followed by questions to ILO COOP Manager Ms Simel Esim on the social and solidarity economy on: definition; associated values and principles; components; and relevance of SSE. She also highlighted findings from the ILO and WIEGO joint report on “Cooperation among workers in the informal economy: A focus on home-based workers and waste pickers” and answered questions on the upcoming general discussion on SSE during the 2022 International Labour Conference.

This was followed by comments from HNI affiliates in the Latin America, South East Asia, Africa and South Asia regions where the representatives of membership based organizations of homebased workers reflected on their own experiences with SSE and highlighted their priorities and concerns. In the question and answer session that followed there were questions regarding the timeliness of SSE, challenges around a conducive enabling policy environment, and developing a supportive ecosystem for SSE.

The webinar was concluded with a summary and way forward by the international coordinator of HNI. Among the follow up areas identified was to organize a webinar where the HNI affiliates’ SSE experiences could be featured and discussed.