ILO’s message for the 10th ICA-AP Cooperative Forum in Tehran, Iran

ILO has sent a message to a biennial conference aimed at discussing how cooperatives can contribute to more resilient and sustainable economy.

News | 29 November 2018
The Cooperative Forum is a biennial event organized by the International Cooperative Alliance Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ICA-AP) in conjunction with its Regional Assembly. The Forum was established in 2000 with the aim of bringing together stakeholders to assess progress, discuss challenges and arrive at decisions to strengthen cooperative enterprises as a model of sustainable development.

The 10th Cooperative Forum as part of the 13th ICA-AP Regional Assembly was held on 28 November 2018 in Tehran, Iran by ICA-AP in collaboration with the Iran Chamber of Co-operatives (ICC) under the theme of “Co-operatives help economies become more resilient and sustainable”.

The ILO contributed to the Forum with a video message. In her message, ILO Cooperatives Unit Manager Simel Esim highlighted three examples of social innovation emerging from the cooperative movement: the restructuring of private enterprises to worker-owned cooperatives; the cooperative provision of care services; and the use of cooperative enterprises by waste pickers to improve their livelihoods, and suggested how they could be supported. The full text is available here.